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Are you looking for pétanque balls from a recognized brand? Are you demanding and want quality? Discover our MS pétanque balls! With a unique design patent of its kind and while respecting quality and permanent control over our manufacturing carried out entirely in France, MS Pétanque has over the years been able to make itself appreciated by competitors by distributing its products throughout the world. .

We are the only ones on the market to use Forging for manufacturing. This technique allows the balls to have a very effective ribbed internal structure. This is our famous anti-rebound system which is present on most of the models in our range.

From pétanque balls to accessories, discover our selection of products and our advice for playing pétanque competitively or for leisure.

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Choose your balls wisely

For expert competitors belonging to the Fédération Française de Pétanque et Jeu Provençal (FFPJP) or for amateurs who play regularly for the pleasure of the game, your triplet must suit you perfectly in order to improve your performance. Therefore, it is necessary to think about your body shape and the most suitable material. Between the hardness (very soft, semi-soft, soft, etc.), the weight and the diameter, each shooter and each pointer can choose the right set of boules for their next pétanque competition!


Our pétanque balls are unique on the market because they are manufactured by forging (precision stamping) ensuring full fibering and allowing the obtaining of internal ribs specially designed to limit the rebound and recoil of the ball in order to provide efficiency maximum play. We are the only manufacturer to use this manufacturing process and this patented anti-rebound technique.

This technology has the main advantages:

  • Perfect balancing
  • Reduced recoil and limited rebound
  • Homogeneous and constant behavior whatever the point of impact
  • Favorable chemical compositions retained

They are carried out in:

  • Carbon steel with additions of chromium and molybdenum
  • Chrome stainless steel
  • Chrome-nickel stainless steel

The club

We offer to design personalized clothing with embroidery or printing, in collaboration with our own brand. Whether corporate clothing, sports club clothing or university clothing, our items are customizable to your own requirements. Choose from our wide range of t-shirts, polo shirts, workwear, fleeces and other accessories and personalize them with your own logo, design or lettering. Create your own advertising campaign, or simply keep a souvenir during an event. We guarantee you quality thanks to our know-how as well as our many years of experience in the textile industry, particularly in the field of embroidery and printing. Contact us for your textile equipment projects for your pétanque club!

Advertising Balls

Do you want to have pétanque ball sets made with your company, club or association logo? It's possible ! This promotional item will become an essential element in your marketing strategy and will allow you to communicate easily. Enter the lives of your guests, colleagues and prospects with this original advertising medium: a personalized pétanque triplet!

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